Secrets of The Iron Men!

This Website is dedicated to every single person that has ever found themselves stood in the crowd at an ‘Iron’ Distance Triathlon event and uttered the words:

“I would love to be able to do this, but it would never be possible for me”

Not long ago, I was that person stood in the crowd…

On The 16th July 2017, I will attempt to prove to you that it absolutely is possible..

 And then show you how I did it…

This is the wonderful story of Iron Rookie.

When he first started out he was very overweight and very, very unfit.

He was unable to swim more than a single length front crawl…

Hadn’t ridden a road bike for nearly 20 years…

And couldn’t run any more than 10 yards without wanting to stop.

Yet on the 16th July 2017 he will be lining up at Ironman UK to take on a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and then run a marathon…


By learning the secrets of the Iron men themselves…

“Secrets?” I hear you say…

Please allow me to explain..

Hi I’m PK, the ‘iron-rookie’ –  that’s me in the pic,  and I wanted to share something amazing with you…..

It all started when my wife challenged me to get fit enough to run around a  lake trail near my house that was  just 2.5km in length (1.5 miles).

You must understand at the time I was very overweight and very,very unfit, but by following a simple training plan, I managed to conquer it…

I then ‘fell’ into my first ever triathlon, having seen an advert for it at my local sports centre…

However when I moved back to Bolton and realised that I lived on the ‘iron’ cycling route, a well known circuit amongst endurance athletes, my life was to change for ever.

I began to cycle parts of it regularly and spent many of my training rides on this route . whenever another cyclist had the ‘audacity’ to overtake me, I would try to  ‘interview’ them..

Surprisingly, most were happy to talk to me…

Some of these guys turned out to be Ironmen…..

Some were very high ranking ones….

The secrets  that they shared with me changed my life forever.

I believe they will change yours too…

In total there are 30 of these secrets…

I then applied what I had learnt and set about collecting medals in the 10 races detailed on this website, and  so began the most exhilarating journey of my life!

I am currently training for the final chapter in my journey, Ironman UK, Bolton, England on 16 July 2017.

You can follow my progress on my blog:

Full details of my journey, together with the exact training plans that I followed for each race and of course the secrets from the Iron men themselves will be revealed in my book, which will be available to download soon.

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    Here is To your amazing Journey

    PK, The Iron Rookie

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