4 in a row @ IMUK

Rookie Goes for 4 in a row at Ironman UK Week 5 of 28


I was all excited about getting back onto the Ironman bike circuit this weekend for another ‘do’ but when I googled ‘weather darwen ‘ and got the reply ’31 mph winds’ you can forgive me for saying ‘fuck that’……

Especially after last weeks kicking all the way up the Grane Road…..

At one time i’d have kept goin out in all weathers…

Not now….

I’m learnin….

So i’d like to use this weeks rant to share a cautionary tale, if I may….

As you know, I went on the piss since IMUK, eating what I wanted, drinking what I wanted, and generally saying ‘yes’ to everything instead of ‘no’….

This debauchery saw my weight balloon to 16 stone….

‘It’ll be reet’……I thought to myself….

‘Once I start training for th’ironman again in the new year, the weight will fall off’……

This hasn’t happened…..

It’s now the middle of Feb and my weight has stayed pretty much exactly the same.


What I forgot was, when you train for Ironman, you eat like a horse…..

Starvin, literally all the time…

You turn into a human dustbin, especially at night where you become like a man possessed, ransacking the cupboards on a relentless sugar hunt….

All that happens is the training you are doing simply cancels out all the food you are now eating to fuel it…..

It’s not like first time round when your body turns into a lean, mean, fat burning machine….

When you ‘go again’ it’s different and your body simply refuses to play ball on the weight loss front….

So ‘shedding’ the excess lard you gained over winter becomes a very difficult thing to do…..

I’m really struggling with it and it’s pissing me off….

Just bear that in mind if you ever think about going on the piss for a few months after your next Ironman like I did (like a dick)

Next Update : 16th Feb….Rookie Heads back out onto the Bike Loop….

This weeks training went like this:



Weds….Pool Mile

Thurs….45 min watt bike intervals

Fri…..Weights and sauna


Sun….10k on the mill

To understand why I keep entering IMUK click here iron-rookie.com/4-in-a-row-imuk-1-28/

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