5 in a row @IMUK WK 17/26

Rookie goes for 5 in a row at Ironman UK Week 17/26


So today me and another lad from the office booked a day off work….

He went on the piss in Blackpool with his mates…..

I went and did a 10 mile ‘pre loop’ followed by 2 laps of the 33 mile Ironman UK bike circuit for the first time this year, as you do…..

Let me tell you something…..

It was horrific……

It’s meant be summer but the weather was an absolute disgrace…..

Grey skies and freezing cold gale force headwinds as standard….

What annoys me about this is down in the village it looks like a beautiful day, but once you get up on the tops, it resembles the opening scene from the wizard of Oz….

The other thing that is a disgrace is the road surface throughout this circuit…..

Huge gaping holes in virtually every single teeth clattering road that you turn down….

The Ironman UK bike leg is not so much a racetrack, but an obstacle course…..

2:20 I limped round in and I was very pissed off……

I was expecting a right kicking on lap 2 but in fairness, it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be, until I got to the entwistle reservoir that is..

I can’t describe the pain you feel on this section second time round…..

Your legs are screaming and you have absolutely nothing left as you attempt to cycle uphill through treacle 2nd time round…..

Sheephouse in reverse broke me in two…..

So all in all, a very tough day….

That said, 2:22 I completed lap 2 in and i’m claiming a result there…..

After a 1:30 swim and a 1 hour ‘pre loop’ flash to Horwich, The absolute shittest you can be on race day is 3 x 2:30 laps and today I rode laps 1 & 2 in 2:20 ish which would leave 2:50 to limp round the final lap…..

Make no mistake……

It’s going to go to the wire for me once again this year…..

A wise man recently tweeted “If you think 50 mile rides are sufficient, you ain’t doing enough cock”……

The wise man was right…..

Take heed…..


Here is how training went this week…..

Mon 26 mile bike to and from work

Tues 26 mile bike to and from work

Weds 26 mile bike to and from work

Thurs 26 mile bike to and from work

Fri 10 mile pre loop, x2 laps of the IMUK bike circuit + 10 mile back (80+ mile total)


Sun 10k run

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