5 in a row @ IMUK Wk 9/26

Rookie goes for 5 in a row @ IMUK Week 9/26


So I gets on the scales last Sunday and was delighted to see them read 14/13.

I can’t tell you how buzzin I was about that…….

You see at xmas, I was nearly 16 stone….

Now, whist it’s only a stone of lard that has been shed to date, in my mind there is a massive psychological difference between being nearly 16 stone and weighing 14 stone somert…..

Just the very fact that the number begins with 14 instead of 16 – it feels like it’s 2 stone lost instead of one!…..

And then you have the associated benefits on how you feel and your ability to perform better in training, which is a complete no brainer….

What fascinates me about this is that I never hear anyone talking about it in triathlon…..

It seems to me there is far too much emphasis put on the actual training itself and nowhere near enough emphasis put on what the scales say….

If I was a coach, the first question I would be asking people is ‘what do you weigh?’

And the first thing I would be saying to them if they are clearly overweight is……

‘Go and lose 2 stone of lard you fat bastard and then come back to me’…..

But nobody says that do they?

Not very ‘PC’ is it?

Sorry, but sometimes you need a bit of tough love….

If you are overweight, the biggest thing you can do for your Ironman dreams is lose the lard, it’s as simple as that…..

And we all know what we need to do in order to get rid of the excess timber don’t we?

Control your diet….

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Easier said than done my friend…..

Easier said than done…….

More on ‘diet’ another day…..

For now though, we celebrate…..

Make no mistake, I’ve still got at least 2 stone to go and I struggle with it sometimes, I really do, but the oil tanker is slowly turning in this regard and the benefits are huge….

Never overlook them……

Here is how training went this week….


Tuesday…..26 mile bike to and from work

Wednesday…..26 mile bike to and from work

Thursday…..26 mile bike to and from work

Friday…..10k run

Saturday…..26 mile bike

Sunday…..10k run

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