5 in a row @ IMUK wk 6/26

Rookie Goes for 5 in a row @ Ironman UK Week 6 of 26


If you want to make your usual cycling route feel easier in a heartbeat, then try this……

Try running the bastard…..

That’s what I did this week….

Well, half of it anyway…..

The goal is to end up running the full 20k to the office….

We are not there yet….

So on Thursday, I took the train into town then ran the rest of the way to work (circa 10k) following the exact route I would usually pedal….

Let me tell you something….

When you try to run the route you normally cycle, it don’t half make you count yer blessings on the bike!

You might want to try it sometime!

This week’s training went like this….


Tuesday…..26 mile cycle to and from work

Wednesday…..26 mile cycle to and from work

Thursday…….ran half the way to work along half of the cycle route (10k)

Friday….26 mile cycle to and from work….

Sat…..10k run.

Sun….. 10k run

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