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Ironman Training Week 17 of 28

Ironman UK Training Through The Eyes of a First Timer! Week 17 of 28! Another insane 7 Days! Amazingly, I got to spend some time with a 10 x Ironman and multiple Kona qualifier!! I hope to be able to bring you the full interview on this next week – i’ll keep you posted!!

Ironman Training Week 16 of 28

Ironman Training Through the Eyes of a First Timer! Week 16 of 28 Once again lots going on! Two more amazing Ironmen have agreed to a feature for the blog which Is absolutely mind blowing and fantastic news!. Next week I feel very fortunate to say that I’ll be spending time with a guy who has

The Day I Gave Bolton Park Run Steward ‘Big G’ ‘A High 5’

Let me ask you a question…. Do you know what a ‘bucket list’ is? For the benefit of those that don’t, its a list of things you want to do/ people you want to meet / places you want visit before you ‘kick the bucket’ In a similar vein, I have

My IMUK Run with 56 x Marathon 1 x Ultra & 7 x ‘Iron’ Triathlete ‘Damo’

My IMUK Run With 56 x Marathon 1 x Ultra & 7 x ‘Iron’ Triathlete ‘Damo’ My Goodness! What is happening to me?! Remember always that I am just an Ironman first timer who is absolutely buzzing to be a part of the whole thing and trying to do my bit to help

Ironman Training Week 15 of 28

Ironman Training Through The Eyes of a First Timer Week 15 of 28 An insane week this week for a number of reasons. First off, more amazing Ironmen have very kindly come forward and agreed to let me run a feature on them for my blog! Friday saw me out with