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5 in a row @IMUK 3/26

Rookie goes for 5 in a row @ Ironman UK week 3 of 26 Areet? So I’ve seen a few posts recently from people saying they are unable to train for Ironman because all the gyms are closed and the pools are shut…. Sorry, but i’m not having that…. The

5 in a row @IMUK 2/26

Rookie Goes for 5 in a row at Ironman UK week 2/26 Areet? Got to be honest…. Couldn’t be arsed this week…. 2 reasons… 1) It’s fookin freezin up north at the minute and if you think i’m going out in that you can do one!!! 2) I’m still in

5 in a row @ IMUK

Rookie goes for 5 in a row @ Ironman UK : Week 1 of 26 ****I appreciate that many many people are having an incredibly tough time right now and make no mistake, it’s horrendous for everyone, myself included…….Those of us lucky enough to still actually have a job are


IMUK 2020

Rookie goes for 4 in a row @ IMUK ‘DIY style’ : What happened on ‘Race day‘ OMFG….. By the skin of my teeth, once again…. Before we get cracking with the race report, I’d like to explore for a moment ‘why’ I did this, if I may….. That is

IMUK 2020

Rookie Goes for 4 in a row @ IMUK ‘DIY Style’ Week 27 of 28 Areet? So the safety boats are all booked and paid for…… Thunderstruck is ready on the 45….(We are actually going to play this before we ‘get in’) I’ve printed off the words to the national