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The Legend that is ‘Deca Dave’

Iron Legend Dave Clamp : ‘Deca Dave’ I am sure that ‘Deca Dave’ (or should that be Double Deca Dave?) needs no introduction. His list of achievements is endless! He has been racing triathlon since it first came to England over 30 years ago. During that time he has completed the

IMUK Training Week 25/28

IMUK training through the eyes of a first timer Week 25 of 28! ‘Aren’t you meant to be tapering?’ Someone said to me in the pool last week. Good question. There are 4 things I wanted to cover off before talking about my training over the last 7 days, so

IMUK Training Week 24/28

IMUK Training through the eyes of a first timer! Week 24 of 28 Many people have said many different things to me throughout my journey. But one of the most profound is this….. “Compete or Complete?  – There is one ‘L’ of a difference?” I love that statement. I really love it.

IMUK Training Week 23/28

IMUK Training through the eyes of a first timer! week 23 of 28 Couple of things I wanted to mention this week before going into the training that I have been doing: First : Sleep! Last week, I talked about how I have never been as hungry in my life. Well you can

13 x ‘Iron’ & Kona Racer : Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas : 13 x Iron Distance, Double Iron, Triple Iron, Kona racer & Ultra champion! For many, Nick Thomas will need no introduction. He has completed no fewer than 13 ‘Iron’ distance triathlons all over the world and boasts an Ironman PB of 9.36. That PB saw him realising his ultimate dream of