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Treble Rookie? 2/40

Rookie Goes for 3 in a row at Ironman UK – Week 2 of 40 Arite? Have you had a good week? Cool…. As you know, I have enetered Ironman UK for the third time in consecutive years because I am addicted to it and i’m writing a weekly blog

Treble Rookie?

Rookie Goes for The ‘Treble’ @ IMUK Week 1 of 40 Arite? How’s Tricks? I’ve got some news….. I’m going again…. Ironman UK for the third time in a row like….. Why? I’ll tell you for why… I fukin love it. That’s why… I’m addicted. Further, there is a certain



Ironman UK #2 Jeez….You fukin guys…. How to make a grown man cry eh? The way hundreds, and I mean literally hundreds of you were with me today was nothing short of unbeliavable. Loads kindly took the time to say you enjoyed reading my blog or gave me a high

What happened when Rookie rode the ‘new’ bike circuit

What Happened When Rookie Rode the ‘New’ IMUK Bike Circuit Arite? Ready for Sunday? Good? To business…. After yesterdays news I met up with a couple of ace lads today and we went and did a recce of the ‘new’ bike circuit. Like everybody else, I watched it all kick

Red Bag, Blue Bag, White Bag..WTF?

The Rookies Guide to ‘Pre Race Weekend’ Alrite? Not long now. Heard they changed the bike route? I’m reserving judgement till i’ve ridden the new circuit which will be tomoz – i’ll post an update to let u know how it goes after i’ve done it. Anyhow, to business. A