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4 In a Row @ IMUK 2/28

Rookie Goes for 4 in a Row @IMUK Week 2/28 Areet… Speak to anyone who did IMUK in 2019 and they will tell you that the toughest challenge out on the revised circuit is now without doubt, the ‘brutal’ bike leg… To me, It felt like 112 miles of long,

4 In a Row @ IMUK 1/28

Rookie Goes for 4 in a row @ Ironman UK – Week 1 of 28 Areet??? Happy new year and all that… Guess what….. I’m goin again….. Going for 4 In a row at IMUK like…… FFS Rookie, I hear you all cry….. Why man???? Are you going for Kona?



4 Years on the bounce at Blackpool Illuminations 10k Areet? So in line with ‘post Ironman tradition’ I returned to the excellent Blackpool illuminations 10k for the fourth year in succession last night. This event is symbolic to me for many different reasons. The main one being that it’s held


3 in a row @ IMUK : 2019 Race Report

Rookie Goes for 3 in a Row at Ironman UK : 2019 Race Report Areet? 90 seconds….. 90 foookin seconds lol….. Don’t worry, all will become clear shortly…. Looking over some of the comments online, it is quite clear that Bolton now has a reputation as being one of the


Rookie Goes for 3 in a row at IMUK ….It’s Race Eve!!!…. Here we foookin go!!!! Dont know about you, but I was like a big kid at chrismas packing all me stuff last nite….. Sooo excited!!! I’m fully briefed, my bike is racked, me bags have been hung on