E Book

Why did I end up writing a book?

In a nutshell, I wrote my book because I wish I had found a book like this at the beginning of my journey.

I wanted to motivate and inspire others, show that anyone can do it, share the secrets that I learnt,  and leave a trail of footprints for others to follow, should they choose to do so..

One of the funniest things I ever saw in my life was when I was sitting in my car waiting to get out of a car park in Burnley town centre.

A lady walked past my car who must have been at least 6 stone overweight., clutching a trio of fast food bags and smoking a cigarette..

She was wearing a t-shirt that I recognised as being from one of the local gym’s but nothing was to prepare me for what was to happen next.

As she walked past the car I couldn’t believe what was written on the back of her T-shirt.

It read:

“Personal Trainer”

It was as ridiculous as it was hilarious.

But I have found that there is a lot of that out there.

There is a lot of conflicting information and advice  often from people that haven’t actually completed any races, or if they have all too often they are on a completely different level to you and I – this book aims to change all that.

If you are looking to:

  1. train for your first triathlon
  2. move up from one level to the next
  3. go on your first ‘Iron’ Journey
  4. Complete all or part of the ’10 race challenge’

Then you absolutely have to read this book, why?

I read a long time ago that one of the quickest ways to achieve anything in life is to find someone that has already achieved the results that you want and follow in their footsteps.

It doesn’t matter what level you are currently at, Those footsteps are  here for you to follow,  written by someone who has already walked the path and knows precisely what you are going through right now, as he has been there himself.

More importantly, there are things that you should know now that will oil the wheels of your journey in the way of secrets and tips that I learned from the Iron men themselves and those secrets are worth the cost of this book tenfold.

Whilst the book has been written with the above people in mind, the following people will also benefit

  1. Runners looking to move through the levels
  2. People looking for a new fitness challenge which will keep them motivated for the long term

My E-book is split into 3 parts

  1. My story from being 4 stone overweight, very unfit and unable to run more than 20 yards to successfully completing an Ironman triathlon event
  2. The exact training plans that I followed for every race level,  1-10, including how I learned to swim properly
  3. The secrets that I leaned from the Iron Men that changed my life

The book begins at the very bottom, showing the exact training plan I followed to conquer race level 1.

The book then follows my progression into triathlon, details exactly how I learnt to swim properly,  and goes into detail of how I negotiated the tricky minefield of choosing my first road bike.

As I become fitter and begin to move through the levels, secrets that  I learnt from the Iron Men come into play, and these are explained in the book, one by one, as are the exact training plans I followed to collect a medal for each race in the series.

I must warn you though, once you apply the things that you will learn In this book and begin collecting medals, I think you will find it very hard to stop!

Full details of my journey, together with the exact training plans that I followed for each race and of course the secrets from the Iron men themselves will be revealed in my book, which will be available to download soon.

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