IMUK 2020

Rookie goes for 4 in a row @ IMUK Week 17 of 28

So as I said last week, if lockdown is over by July, then i’m ‘going anyway’ and making it 4 in a row DIY style on the legendary 2017 IMUK race circuit…..


I quite like the romance of it all….

I’m also loving returning to the iconic 2017 racetrack (Babylon & Hunters)…..

Last week I felt stronger on thact circuit than i’ve felt in a long time….

See on the iconic 2017 loop, 80% of your time is spent down on the bars and 20% of your time is spent climbing…..

Yet on the 2019 & proposed 2020 routes, it was the other way round, 20% of your time is spent on the bars and the other 80% is spent grinding….

Who wants to grind for 112 miles?

Not me….

Fuck that….

They should never have changed it in the first place…

Broke my heart when they ripped Babylon & Hunters out of the race circuit…..

Broke my heart….(look at the supporters on Babylon ffs)


Training is going well….

I’m doing 2 x 10k runs a week and 2 x 10 mile bike TT’s on alternate days then a lap of the sacred circuit on a Sunday….

Havin a lot of fun on that old loop….

I’m peppering the 3 hour mark but not been able to crack it yet….(today’s effort on the classic 47 mile racetrack 3:04)

Do one lockdown so I can get on Gaz’s back wheel….

Next update…10th May

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