IMUK 2020

Rookie goes for 4 in a row @ IMUK Week 19 of 28


2 major pieces of news this week.

First, the government appear to have given my DIY Ironman attempt the rubber stamp by saying there is no limit to the amount of exercise we can do per day…..

Second, open water venues all around the country are starting to re-open for business….

All we need now is to sort a safety boat and the DIY IMUK attempt is on….

Just on that….

I’ve been a bit troubled by a couple of posts i’ve seen regarding open water recently…..

Sorry for sounding like your dad, but you absolutely must not go anywhere near open water unless its part of an organised swim session with coaches and safety boats and people keeping an eye on you who know what they are doing…

Never go into open water on your own outside of these sessions…..


Lecture over…

Training wise, I continue to enjoy it…..

It currently consists of ten mile TT’s and 10k runs on alternate days with a lap of the sacred 2017 IMUK bike circuit of a sunday….

I seem to be peppering 30 mins on the TT’s and sub hour for the 10k’s at present, both of which are perfectly fine….

That said, I continue to try and improve my 10 mile TT bike performance, having a lot of fun on a modified version of the ‘old’ Southport cc ‘ten’ course at present…

It’s all designed to lead to a sub 3 hour 47 mile IMUK bike loop, something which I finally managed to crack for the first time this year today….

Pieces starting to fit together nicely….

I wonder when getting on someones back wheel will become socially acceptable once again? (was it ever)….

Next update May 24th…..

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