IMUK 2020

Rookie Goes for 4 in a row @ IMUK Week 21 of 28


As you know, i’ve been having a lot of fun lately on me local 10 mile TT bike course and this week I managed to knock out 26:30, which is laughable amongst the TT elite, but it’s a PB by some margin….

This is largely thanks to ‘Kona Gaz’ who stayed 1 min behind me the entire time and made me think I was ‘holding him off’ when in reality he could easily kick my arse whenever he wanted, but it worked a treat…..

My fascination with the leaderboard from the final meet of the season for southport CC continues….

You must understand that when I first started riding these, my position was #49 out of 50 riders…

The 26:30 catapults me to #33 out of 50…..

Well chuffed with that….

The goal is to become ‘above average’ and for this you will need to record 25 minutes…..(For reference the winner did it in 21:35…. wtf?)

I wonder what would happen if I had a crack at it on a proper TT bike and ‘shaved me legs’ as Gaz says…..

Hoping to find the answer to that one in the near future….

As much fun as these ten mile TT’s are, the target is not to become local ten mile TT ‘champion’….

Far from it…..

The goal with the shorter, ‘faster’ stuff in the week, is to make a slower pace for 2 laps of the 47 mile IMUK bike circuit feel like a ‘piece of piss’….

I went and rode 2 laps of the sacred 2017 circuit earlier (94 mile)

Let me tell you something….

One lap at a slower pace is a piece of piss…..

Sorry let me rephrase that…

The first 2 hours of lap 1 at a slower pace is a ‘piece of piss’….

The rest isn’t….

The rest will have your body screaming at you to stop…

2nd time up sheep house today nearly broke me, and i’d only just started me 2nd loop….

And ten mile TT’s aren’t gonna help you when you hit Hunters hill 6 hours in cock….

That said, the bits inbetween, I felt stronger than ever….

6:50 for the two loops which i’m over the moon with as it’s bang on race plan….

More important is the way I felt….

Like I could do another lap….

Never felt like that before on this circuit….

All that’s missing now is the swim….

I’ll let you know how that one goes next week….

Next update : 7th June

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