IMUK 2020

Rookie goes for 4 in a row @ Ironman UK ‘DIY Style’ Week 25 of 28


I’ve learnt a lot about myself this time round you know….

Biggest thing i’ve learnt?….

I’ve really enjoyed trying to ‘race’ the bike…..

(run people… for the hills)…..

Trouble is….

For me, all the fun lies in the shorter stuff……

For example….

I’ve gone and got myself addicted to ten mile TT’s…..

Going out there 3 times a week to attack me local 10 mile TT circuit and see my time & strength gradually improve….

Looking at how you compare to the seasoned riders on the club leaderboard and trying to move up a few notches…..

It’s very addictive…..

Then, on the back of this new found ‘power’ – I absolutely adore trying to ‘race’ a single 47 mile IMUK bike loop – the iconic 2017 circuit….(and that’s before I can get on me mates back wheel – can’t wait til we can do that again)…..

But when it comes to two laps…..

This is when It starts to become hard work mate…..

Case in point, on Wednesday, I went and did 2 x 47 mile laps back to back…..

First lap went well, even manged to crack 3 hours for the first time this year…..

For a few brief seconds, I celebrated…..

But then the voice inside said….

“Well done – now go and do that again”…..


2nd time up sheephouse you are coming seriously unstuck and you still have another 40 odd mile to pedal…..

80 miles in and you are losing the will to live my friend….

Same with the run….

10k’s are good fun….

20k ok….

But once you starting going beyond 20k….

It becomes a pain in the arse to be honest….

Take last night, when I ran 28km to Southport pier (as you do)…..

Why man???

The answer lies in a recent tweet I saw….

“If you can’t enjoy the process, then what’s the point?’

Make no mistake…..

This ‘process’….

It’s the most addictive thing of the lot….

Next update….28th June

Strava links : Southport 28km run (3 hours)

2 laps of the IMUK bike circuit (6:30)

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