IMUK 2020

Rookie goes for 4 in a row @IMUK ‘DIY Style’ Week 26 of 28


Every year I say to myself ‘that’s it never again’ but i’m fairly certain I mean it this time…..


On Wednesday, I booked another day off work (?) and swam 2.4 mile in pennington flash which took me 1 hour 40 minutes, cycled the 14 mile ‘bone crunching’ pre loop flash to Babylon, (1:05), did a 47 mile lap of the IMUK bike circuit (3:26) then rode 14 mile back to the flash (time?….who gives a shit)…..

I got burnt to a crisp and hated the whole thing from start to finish….

I’ve got to be honest….

I’m not enjoying this anymore……

What I enjoy, is meeting up with me mates on a nice calm sunny day (not that we get many of those round here) and ‘pack riding’ the iconic 47 mile IMUK bike loop from the bottom of Babylon lane on fresh legs….(2:40)

What I do not enjoy, is first swimming 2.4 mile in Pennington Flash, then rattling along a 14 mile ‘pre loop’ dodging potholes for an hour, then doing a solo 47 mile bike circuit, then riding 14 mile back….(7 hours)

The two experiences are completely different….

These days, when I have to do the latter, I find myself rolling my eyes and ‘not wanting to go’….

The time it takes to do this training….

I’d much rather be spending it with me little girl…..

Trouble is, when training for Ironman, entire days of your life are written off….

For what???

Trying to ride into a monstrous headwind when you are already severely energy depleted from prior shenanigans and there are still 40 odd miles left to do…..

When you finally return to base, all you want to do is eat food, have a bath and go to sleep….

Hobbling around like an old man all the time…..

It’s not really how I want to be spending my life anymore….

Maybe this needs to end where it all began….

One last slog around the iconic 2017 IMUK circuit to say goodbye and then we drop down….

To ‘racing’ single laps and a 70.3 maybe?

Now there’s an idea….

Next update : Sun 5th…..1 week to go!

Strava link for Wednesday’s session

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