IMUK 2020

Rookie Goes for 4 in a row at Ironman UK Week 9 of 28


The weather in Bolton continues to be an absolute disgrace….

On Friday I googled ‘weather Darwen’ and got the reply ’31 mph winds’….

A loop of the Ironman bike circuit in freezing cold, 31 mph winds??

Fuk that….

Sorry to announce that I appear to have turned into a ‘fair weather’ cyclist these days as I am frankly sick of being bummed by the elements on a weekly basis…..

I’m now strictly ‘watt bike only’ until the temperature rises above sub zero, the winds settle down to ‘not gale force’ and the sun begins to shine once again….

Just on the watt bike…(which is still all new to me)

I feel like I am actually training (to get better) for once instead of just ‘going through the motions’….

That said…..

This week, in addition to doing the usual intervals, I also did a 1 hour sesh to see how many miles I could cover in an hour and the average watts I could hold during that time…

The result?

20.5 miles covered, average watts 150…..

At first I was buzzin about this….

20.5 mph average???

Who me?????


But then I had a chat to the lad next to me…..

Transpires he is using a very special coach indeed and whilst he covered a similar mileage in the hour, his watts were well over 200 (i’m sure he said 220) and I was pushing it at 150…..

Also, I had at least 5 stone of Guinness on him…..

It’s simple science that if someone is a whopping 5 stone lighter than you are, but they are still able to push out and hold way more power that you can, then this is the reason why some people fly round the circuit like a rocket whilst you chug along like a steam train pulling a ton of freight….

Turns out he did IMUK 2017 in 12:30 when I limped round in 15 somert (nearly 16)….

This just goes to show you the difference between back of the pack and much further up…..

One thing I have noticed though…

Me legs are startin to feel ‘juiced’…

I’m itchin to get out onto the IMUK bike loop to attack the 2:40 ‘minimum acceptable standard’ for one lap of the race circuit…..

Will the weather allow it?..

We will see what the coming week will bring….

Next update Sun 8th March…..

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