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Rookie goes for 4 in a row @ Ironman UK Week 11 of 28

Needless to say, if you or anyone you know is having a tough time with this dreadful virus, then our thoughts and prayers are with you all….

In addition, massive thanks to all the front line public sector staff, all the lorry drivers, shelf stackers and everyone else doing their bit to try and keep the country going during this awful time….

You are all legends….

Kind of puts everything into perspective, don’t you think?

Makes you realise how selfish ‘doing the Ironman’ really is…

Saying ‘toodle pip – i’m off for a bike ride – see you in 5 hours’ when it’s ‘business as usual’ is one thing…..

But saying that when the schools are closed and the rest of your family are confined to the house driving eachother bonkers is the definition of ‘taking the piss’….

I’ll be honest with you, If I hadn’t paid £500 for me ticket, then i’d probably knock it on the head….

Yet what are we meant to do when we have handed over our hard earned cash for a race that shows no signs of being cancelled having become addicted to the training in the process and, thanks be to the lord, feelin areet (at least for the minute)

All we can do is follow the government advice….

Work from home (which I am lucky enough to be able to do)

Avoid social contact with others (which I am doing)

Only go out to buy the food we need and not ‘stockpile’ (check)

And the governments ‘line’ on exercise?

Boris has closed the gym’s/pools so we must respect his decision and stay away…..

But he also said “You can leave the house to do exercise, but please do so alone and at a safe distance from others”

Let’s have it right, I’m always miles behind everyone else, so for now, it’s on with the show…..

Cracking weather Sunday saw me asking the boss ‘am I allowed?’…..Got ‘the look’ and a lap of the Ironman race track it was….

I felt a bit funny going to be honest, but off I went as a lone wolf, donning me lid, which resembles a darth vader mask and making my way to the bee-hive Horwich to ‘saddle up’….

Here is how attempt #3 of the new circuit went….

First thing I noticed, there were more people out cycling today (largely family mountain bikers) then I have ever seen before…..

Getting stuck into it, I got to thinking…..

This new Ironman circuit – it reminds of watchin Bolton at the football….

All morning i’m all excited, can’t wait to get cracking like….

Yet within 30 minutes of the game starting, i’m pissed off…

Same with this loop….

Cycling on chorley new Road pisses me off, as does Breightmet and as for the golf club climb, you are losing the will to live half an hour in…..

Yet today, I went with a new strategy…..

Keep it ‘under the bridle’ for the first half like….

It worked a treat…..

The bit between Greenmount and Turton Road started to feel easier, I had more energy for the entwistle reservoir grind than ever before, same again on the new bit past delph sailing club…..

The result?


Still dogshit for a first lap….

However, when your goal is simply to ‘get round’ within the cut offs, it’s all about the way you ‘feel’….

Point is….

This 2:35 lap felt a lot different than my first attempt a few weeks ago….

For the first time, I felt like I could ‘go again’…..

Don’t forget, this is still only my 3rd ‘spin’ on the new circuit….

And as one of the lads on FB said….

‘You need to get to ‘know’ the loop Rookie”

He’s right…..

Question is…..

Will we be able to ‘get to know it’?

Time, and the government will tell…..

For now, I wish you and your loved ones all the best….

Here is the strava link

Training this week:

Mon : Off

Tues : 70 pool lengths

Weds : 1 hour watt bike intervals

Thurs : 10k on the mill felt like a slog

Fri : Off

Sat : Off

Sun : Loop as above

Total training time this week 5:30 hours

Next update : 29th March

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