IMUK 2020

Rookie goes for 4 in a row @ Ironman UK Week 15 of 28

As always, thoughts and prayers to everyone with the virus and their loved ones….

Thanks as ever to all those on the front line doing their bit to keep the country going during this terrible time….

Writing a blog about training for Ironman seems one of the most bizarre things you could do in the current climate….


The government continue to actively encourage people to get out there and exercise on a daily basis….

It’s almost as if they are giving our Ironman addiction the green light, telling us the only things we can do outside at the moment are ‘bike or run’…..

No problem Boris lad….

On that basis, many of us locked away in our homes for hours on end now look forward to our daily ‘fix’ more than ever….

Not only that, but I reckon being forced to re-focus our training has the potential for us to make huge gains in key areas…..

Case in point, I’m doing more running than I’ve ever done (which is helping to shift the lard) and there is no question in my mind that doing more intense bike work will have a positive impact on my IMUK bike loop performance, once I finally get back onto the sacred course….

Yes we can’t swim, but I saw a great comment of FB recently that said….

What are you worrying about????

The swim is nothing more than a ‘warm up’….

I have to say, at my level (just get round), I completely agree….

Let me tell you something….

There is nothing difficult about the Ironman swim….

In fact, it’s one of the easiest and most enjoyable parts of the day….

So long as ‘pre lockdown’ you could swim a mile in a pool sub hour, then you will be perfectly fine….

Besides, Ironman should not be your first race that features an open water swim element, you should be well used to open water by now (you have read my book of course, right?)….

Count our blessings, continue to make the most of what we have, re-focus our training and keep the faith that tomorrow, a jab will be found and this will all be over….

Training This Week:

Mon : 10k run – sub hour

Tues : 10 mile TT 33 min

Weds : 10k run sub hour

Thurs : 10 Mile TT 31 min

Fri : Hunters Hill reps x 7 (madness)

Sat : 10k run 1:01

Sun : 30 mile TT

Next update….26th April

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