IMUK #3 Final attempt at the ‘new’ bike loop

Rookie goes for 3 in a row at IMUK & attempt #18 of the ‘new’ IMUK Bike circuit


Got to be honest, I had a tear in my eye as I made my way over to the bee-hive for one final blast around the IMUK bike circuit before the big day.

I’d like to thank all the staff at premier inn Horwich for putting up with me these last 6 months….

I’m amazed they didnt tell me to ‘piss off’ weeks ago….

Yet they always gave me a big smile and a wave when they saw me ‘saddling up’ in ‘their’ car park with the tunes blasting out which makes a refreshing change as if this was anywhere else other than Bolton they would no doubt scowl and say ‘you cant park here’ and ‘turn that annoying music off you are disturbing ‘our’ guests’

But we do things a bit different up here….

Apply a bit of common like…..(massive car park, plenty of room, he’s parked ‘well out of the way’)…

They don’t give a shit…..

No ‘jobsworths’ round these parts…..

Besides, Ironman and all that….

Anyhow, I gets cracking full of beans and tried me best to keep myself ‘under the bridle’ so to speak….

On Turton Road, a car came past, wound the window down and shouted ‘GO ON ROOKIE!’

No idea who it was…..


Stuff like this….

Is it any wonder i’m addicted??….

Over to Holcombe Hill and I came accross a lad running up the bastard…..

“Fukin fair play” I said to him….

Turned out he was from Ramsbottom running club….

“5 of our boys have entered IMUK this year” he said…..

“We have 200 members and the whole lot of us are going to turn out to support you Ironmen on this hill”.

How ace is that gonna be?

Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hit that section now….

On the fast bit between the other side of Holcombe and the Grane I ‘smoked’ a couple of lads up ahead.

“Did you like that?” I asked when they caught me up near the grane….

“We were trying to work out what you were playing at to be honest” came the reply

“Lap 1 or 2?” I asked….

“Oh Nooooo……..Not us……”

Excuse me???….

I turned on the turbos trying to impress and you aren’t even Ironmen???…..

Anyway, to summarise this final effort….

Grane road was tougher than it should have been (no thanks to the above)

Roman road was much easier than what I expected….

The fast bit over the other side of Roman really is a lot of fun….

The forest of doom sent me under as always

SHL in reverse was OK….

3:40 for the final attempt….

If I can replicate that on race day i’ll be a very happy man as I felt strong for long periods (Roman Road in particular) and I was certainly riding ‘well within myself’ for large chunks….

That said, the Grane and FOD were a grind all the same (they always are)

Looking ahead to next week and here is the plan….

1:30 for the swim…. (this week I swam 1:18 @ 3 sisters)

10 mins in T1 = 1:40

45 min flash to the loop = 2:25

1st lap @ 3:45 = 6:10

2nd lap @ 4 hours = 10:10

10 min round to T2 = 10:20…..

Cut off is 10:30……(then a little jog)

It’s gonna be tight…….

Very tight…..

And there is no ‘plan B’

It really is shit or bust…..

But I reckon i’ve got a fighting chance you know…

Think i’ll do it?

It’s time to place your bets…..

One thing is for certain…..

It’s all in the hands of the iron gods now……

3 laps of the IMUK run circuit planned for tomoz (see FB)

Next Update……Next Saturday…….Race Eve (oh shit)

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