Rookie Goes for 3 in a row at IMUK ….It’s Race Eve!!!….

Here we foookin go!!!!

Dont know about you, but I was like a big kid at chrismas packing all me stuff last nite…..

Sooo excited!!!

I’m fully briefed, my bike is racked, me bags have been hung on the peg, my timing chip has been ‘allocated’……

I’ve had a little swim in the flash….

Im all ready to race!!!

Still on the quest for the sacred black number though like…..

Speaking of numbers…..

1378 if you fancy ‘tuning in’ to the relegation battle….

It’s gonna go to the wire is this….

But I cant wait to get stuck into it…

Just wanted to wish everyone all the best for tomoz….

For the first timers, try to relax, trust in your training, enjoy the day, celebrate with the crowd and most of all, enjoy yourself….

To those who’s number is green, give us a ‘go on rookie’ when you overtake me please….

And to the thousands of wonderful supporters & volunteers who are going to line the race circuit tomorrow, I would say this….

You are the ones who make Ironman UK so special….

You have no idea what it means….

Then again, you know exactly what it means…..

And that is precisely why you do it….

Isn’t it???

So thank you in advance for your tremendous support….

Let’s fukin ‘av it’…….

Race report will be posted Sat 20th …….

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