IMUK Training Week 24/28

IMUK Training through the eyes of a first timer! Week 24 of 28

Many people have said many different things to me throughout my journey.

But one of the most profound is this…..

Compete or Complete?  – There is one ‘L’ of a difference?”

I love that statement.

I really love it.

It goes straight to the bullseye of what my journey has been about from day 1.

I am not striving to achieve a certain ‘time’ in order to ‘be happy’.

Never have been….

My journey has been based on the amazing sense of achievement one gets from taking something that you believe to be impossible, be that a 10k run, a 70.3 or a full Ironman triathlon and slowly bringing it into your reality, step by step.

The joy of the ‘doing’

The joy of simply getting the medal and proving to yourself that ‘anything really is possible’, despite your limiting beliefs…..

So why this week why do I find myself attacking the Ironman bike circuit thinking I am Joe Skipper trying to PB it simply because it is a ‘nice day’  when I am meant to be doing long slow double loops?

“If you can’t PB on a day like this then you never will” I said to myself as I went stomping up Sheep House first time round…..

Ok, I went Sub 3 on the first lap, even knocking out a half average time of 2:53.

But boy did that come back to bite me on the arse later.

As soon as I started lap 2 I thought to myself ‘why the hell did I just do that?’

The first 2 hours of the second lap were ok, but hours 2-3  were absolute torture and that’s before I even got to Hunters Hill 2nd time round….

Bear in mind the small matter of a marathon will be waiting for me after the 112 mile bike which is a bit like a tiger waiting  for you having first been mauled by a lion!

The trouble is, when you surround yourself with people that have completed the iron distance many times over, it is very easy to become complacent about it.

Make no mistake, I have total respect to all those who go into every Iron distance race and push themselves to the absolute limit, striving to be the very best that they can be – total respect.

But let’s have it right.

‘Just’ completing an Ironman triathlon  is a truly wonderful achievement for a first timer.

Truly Wonderful.

And the way I see it, you can make it as easy or has hard as you want….

Remember always that I only ever had one objective….

And that was simply to get the sacred IMUK medal….


I have allowed 3:30 for both my 47 mile IMUK loops.

Let me tell you something.

Weather permitting, I now find that easy.

Very easy.

So why make this thing more difficult than what it needs to be Iron rookie?

If I had the race of my life and went sub 3 on both loops then half killed myself on the mara I might, if I am really really lucky, be able to scrape 12:30.

Kona in my age group requires a time of 10 hours.

Never gonna happen!

So what would a time of 12:30 really achieve in the grand scheme of things?

looking at last years results a time of 12:30 would rank you around 500 out of 1800 finishers, such is the quality of the athletes that we are racing with here.

OK you will be In the ‘top third’….

Whoopy Doo!

So I push myself to the absolute limit and stress about ‘my time’ all the way round to finish #500?

No thanks….

I would much rather relax and enjoy it, take everything in, really savour the experience.,….

It reminds me of my first ever 10k race.

First time I did a 10k I was just absolutely buzzing to be lining up on the start line.

I was totally relaxed, soaked up all the atmosphere, and enjoyed every single second of simply completing the distance for the first time and collecting the medal – it was a very pleasant experience.

Now when I go to a 10k run what happens?

I almost give myself a heart attack trying to beat my previous time and come away from the race pissed off because I was 30 seconds behind my PB…

It is no longer a pleasant experience!

Far from it!

Do you see the difference?

Well in my mind, it’s the same here….

Iron Rookie, would you like your first IMUK to be easy or hard?


Easy please….

Would you like to enjoy it or suffer?


Enjoy it please!

Compete or complete?

I’ll take complete all day long thank you very much!

OK Then you are the boss!

Cruise Control it is!

Here is how I got on this week…

Saturday Dip in the flash then Babylon lane and back on the bike (28 miles) – Sub 1 Hour each way

Once again I was late arriving – I really need to sort this out!

The flash was in a bad mood this week, harsh, cold, dark and very unwelcoming.

I made the mistake of not wearing my neoprene ‘helmet’ and very firmly paid the price.

Was glad to get out to be honest – hate the flash when it’s in a bad mood!

I think I have cracked the ride round to Babylon lane, I am able to glide round within the hour without even really trying – exactly what I am looking to achieve.

I then found out this week that they had made a change to the 14 mile pre loop – typical – i’ll check it out and report back!

Sunday 30k Run. – 3:10

Last week my 30k run was 3:35.

This week I got it down to 3:10.

For my mind that is a very big difference.

Exactly what I did differently this week can be found in my book!

Monday – Mile swim in the Pool

Very easy, not even a warm up now.

Tuesday – Gym strength work and sauna session

Wednesday – Double IMUK loops back to back 2:53 & 3:24

See report above

Thursday – 100 lengths in the pool

Not difficult, boring to be honest. didn’t warm up until length 60 odd! much prefer OW but no way I am going down to three sisters after a 100 mile bike!

Friday – Gym strength and sauna session

Next Update : 25-7-17

To Your amazing Journey!

Keep an eye on my blog for details of an absolute legend that I was out with last week who coined the iconic  phrase ‘Compete or Complete!’

Readers should not be under the illusion that I am going into this 28 week Ironman plan straight ‘off the bat’ as it is not the case.

Full details of my journey, together with the exact daily training plans that I followed for each race and of course the secrets from the Iron men themselves will be revealed in my book, which will be available to download soon.

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