I can clearly remember being at  race level 4 and doubting that it would be possible to move further up the levels, even when I was at race level 6 levels 9 & 10 were way out of my reality.

However when I moved back to Bolton and realised that I lived on the ‘iron’ cycling route, a well known circuit amongst long distance endurance athletes, my life was to change for ever.

I began to cycle parts of it regularly and spent many of my training rides on this route . whenever another cyclist had the audacity to overtake me I would attempt to  ‘interview’ them..

Surprisingly, most were happy to talk to me…

Some of these guys turned out to be Iron distance triathletes…..some were very high ranking ones….

The secrets  that they shared with me changed my life forever.

I believe they will change yours too…

In total there are 30 of these secrets…

I just wish that I had found them at the start of my journey!

Full details of my journey, together with the exact training plans that I followed for each race and of course the secrets from the Iron men themselves will be revealed in my book, which will be available to download soon.

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